Solid Services is a consultancy and engineering firm specialising in the sustainable management and maintenance of concrete buildings and structures.

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Creating Awareness
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It is becoming increasingly important to preserve existing property. With concrete as the most used building material in the world, we face major challenges in that respect. Read more

Inspection and analysis
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Using our trained eye for concrete damage, a state-of-the-art laboratory and proven research methods, we provide you with an accurate analysis of the condition of your concrete structure. Read more

Engineering consultancy
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The most important task in the renovation process is advising our clients. We compile a clear report that gives you insight as to the life expectancy and repair options for a property. Read more

Supervision & assessment
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Solid Services never leaves a client confused or overwhelmed. Our strength lies in appropriately supervising the execution of any concrete renovations. That way, you get to focus on your business, while we act as intermediary between all parties involved. Read more

Engineering specialists in renovation and maintenance

Solid Services is an independent consultancy and engineering firm specialising in damage analysis and the maintenance and management of concrete buildings and structures.

Solid Services offer customers a full worry-free service: from damage inspection to drawing up the tender specifications, putting the contract out to tender and managing the renovation.

Solid Services is ISO 9001 and VCA** certified and a member of the trade associations VN Constructeurs, VABOR and the KB Kenniscentrum.

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