By weighing up different repair options, taking into account the residual life of the structure and the desired building management strategy, we are able to provide an appropriate repair recommendation for every defect.

Thanks to years of experience in this sector, Solid Services consultants are well informed about the latest developments in the market. We can select the appropriate products from the enormous range of products available on the market and, if desired, recommend or even prescribe a particular product in the specifications. A basic repair recommendation can be included in the inspection report, but for a more comprehensive repair or renovation recommendation, however, we need to consult with our client directly after we’ve reported our observations.

After all, a building or construction can be repaired in many very different ways, taking into account various functional, aesthetic and especially financial arguments. Solid Services can provide its clients with an extensive recommendation to enable them to consider all relevant aspects and make the right decision.
Depending on the scope of the renovation process, we will recommend either a basic work description or a (STABU) specification. These can then be used to request quotes, enabling better comparison of prices

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