Solid Services offer customers a full worry-free service: from damage inspection to drawing up the tender specifications, putting the contract out to tender and managing the renovation.

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Solid Services has all of the necessary in-house expertise to make your concrete renovation project a success. From damage inspection to management and everything in between: we can arrange it for you

Repair advice for concrete renovation

By weighing up different repair options, taking into account the residual life of the structure and the desired building management strategy, we are able to provide an appropriate repair recommendation for every defect.

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Quick scan

Solid Services can perform a quick scan of all your assets, at a limited cost and within a short period of time. The condition of the structures and any possible risks to people, the environment and your production processes are mapped out clearly.

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Concrete inspection and damage analysis

Solid Services carries out inspections on various architectural and civil engineering structures made of concrete. From sea jetties to sculptures and balconies to galleries, Solid Services provides a clear record of the condition of the object.

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Structural safety inspection of balcony and gallery floors

As of 1 January 2016, an obligation to inspect applies for all apartment buildings built before 1975, as the concrete floors of the galleries and balconies in these buildings may be unsafe.

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Laboratory testing

Over the years, Solid Services has developed an advanced laboratory, enabling us to carry out all of the necessary tests and trials in-house. We tick off an extensive checklist to determine the status of the concrete.

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Constructive assessment and calculations

Load increase, degradation of materials or damages can jeopardise the safety of building and structures. Solid Services perform analysis to verify the safety of your structures.

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Project Management

Solid Services gets a kick out of successful projects. As project manager, we do everything we can to make every renovation project a success.

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Quality assurance and control

During the renovation process, we monitor the quality by supervising the work and performing quality checks. A project-specific inspection and test plan is drawn up, and the relevant assessment and test dates are then incorporated into the maintenance schedule.

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Solid Services supports you in everything that is involved in a tendering process. For example, we help clients draw up tender documents and select the most suitable contractors for each type of renovation.

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Specification service

We can develop a specification for you that states exactly what maintenance needs to be performed in entirely unambiguous terms. Depending on your wishes, we can convert our knowledge and findings into a functional or detailed specification.

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